Virtual Executive Board Meeting

The Association of Quality Assurance Agencies of Islamic World (IQA) is a platform focusing on effective quality assurance for higher education systems through systematization and sharing of experiences and knowledge, best practices and expertise with other Islamic countries. The IQA will also leverage its convening power to forge stronger partnerships and collaboration amongst member countries. The overall goal is to draw on approaches and options that can be considered as good principles and a source of inspiration to guide other IQA’s members in the design and development of their own internal quality assurance. The IQA has convened a number of consultative meetings to make substantial progress in efficiencies in terms of service delivery, gaps and challenges, as referred above. Linked to this, we are therefore pleased to share with you the agreed points underlined in the IQA Board meeting dated July 23, 2020. The meeting was chaired by the President of IQA and attended by a number of IQA active members, i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bahrain. In relation to IQA secretariat, we are glad to inform you that we are in the process of making IQA secretariat in good order. The network website has also been re-installed and is currently under development notably its contents and structure. The IQA is also going to convene Roundtable Meeting (RTM) virtually on the fourth week of August, 2020. This RTM will involve the board and full members of IQA and discuss the substantial issues around its future programmes and targets. The President of IQA, on this occasion, would like to express his utmost gratitude for your leadership and ownership of this partnership, and would like to assure you the highest level of support from IQA now and in the coming years.